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Forest landscape restoration faces an annual

deficit of around $400B.

Our mission is to mobilize conservation finance to restore 1.2 trillion trees and regenerate ecosystems—which would cancel out a decade of carbon emissions.



50% Restoration Potential in 6 Countries.png

Our primary focus will be on sizeable (>$50M) forest and landscape investment opportunities in the six countries that have 50% of global restoration potential: USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, China, and Russia. 

In addition, we will prioritize tropical forests, which can provide 23% of the cost-effective climate mitigation needed to meet the Paris Agreement goals.

Restoration Potential
About Us



The Trillion Tree Fund was launched in 2021 and adopts a nature-based solutions (NbS), science, technology and market-based approach to scaling investments in forest and landscape restoration through our flagship product, Symbaiosys. 

We are not a grant giving organization. However, as a hybrid early-stage social enterprise, all surplus revenues generated through Symbaiosys will be reinvested into smaller, community-driven conservation projects. 

This hybrid structure enables us to advance our mission to fund the restoration of 1.2 trillion trees, without comprising the growth and capital needed to accelerate the analytics platform.

We are compelled by the urgency of the climate crisis;


Anchored in the research-driven 'Trillion Tree' movement;

Recognize nature as our biggest social and economic partner;

Aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals; and


Encouraged by conveners like the World Economic Forum’s

Nature's Value

"If nature were a tech startup, it would be valued more than all the unicorns combined and almost double global GDP. Unfortunately, it’s like Enron capitalism in reverse. This undervaluation is one of the main reasons that conservation investment is falling short."

Recognizing nature as our biggest social and economic partner, and given the legal precedents for nature’s personhood rights, the Trillion Tree Fund aims to legally represent nature on our executive board.

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